Tuesday, November 16, 2010


That's how many words I've written since November 1st for NaNoWrimo. I'm half-way through. Up until a couple of days ago, I'd maintained a self-congratulatory two day cushion, but it's gone now.

Here's something interesting about taking a lot of time from your regularly scheduled life to do something you love, something that moves you, even if it's very silly and shouldn't be taken very seriously: It makes you a lighter, happier person because EVEN THE SILLY THINGS MATTER.

Because if we can make room for the silly endeavors, the more serious ones naturally follow. They wear away a groove in our lives, to make room for what we tell ourselves we don't have room for. The big "No" we tell ourselves when we have a dream and want to follow it becomes quieter until we can hear what our souls are begging us to do.

It doesn't matter that I don't know what I will write about when I sit down to in front of my computer tonight after my children are in bed. What matters is that I'm sitting down at all.

No one can write a great novel in one month. But I can write a mediocre one that gives me something I can't quite name in return.

And that has to be worth more than all the unfolded laundry and a growing tower of dirty dishes in the sink.


abaco1966 said...

So inspired by your taking this challenge on & love that it’s making you happy. We’d love to see y’all too. Let’s try for post-Thanksgiving.

rebekah said...

Love hearing your clarity come back. And here I thought you'd fall off the internet from all that writing you're doing! You didn't! Lucky me! (waiting on my clarity, still)

Unknown said...

..."until we can hear what our souls are begging us to do"...beautiful words, more beautiful because it's truth no matter what the dream is. Thank you.

Mama Gringa said...

Oh, we have missed you!