Friday, June 25, 2010


When you ask Yonas a question, almost any question, he answers "Yeah." This is fun.

The girls like to ask him things like,
"Yonas, are you going to the moon today?"
"Are you going to meet an alien there?"

I like to ask him things like,
"Am I the best mom in the whole wide world?"
"Do I look awesome in this bikini?"
And my favorite,
"Should I have a gin and tonic?"

It's good fun and gets me drinking and in a bikini. And Erik likes that. What could be better for a family?

It sort of embodies his Yonasness, this compulsion to say yeah.
"How are you doing Yonas?

He's a juicy, life-loving boy. We all could use a little more yeah, couldn't we?

Be like Yonas. Just say yes.


Anonymous said...

What a way to enjoy the moment! YEAH!!
Children are the best teachers, aren't they?!

Claudia said...

heh! Way too cute. Especially love the gin and tonic line.

talliex said...

What a sweet post xxx

Mama Gringa said...

Yeah! :o)