Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thank You

I am humbled and comforted by the comments left here.

Thank you.


Lindy Young said...

"Mindful parenting means not only being gentle and compassionate with my children, but also with myself. It means aiming to be a witness to the anger or tumult or sadness in us without becoming too carried away by it or trying to change it. It means getting real comfortable with just the way things are in any given moment."

You have everything in your heart and your mind already that you need. You have been preparing for this for a long time, cultivating presence and a stillness that will guide your family through. The fact that you can write so gracefully and be so true -- even NOW -- shows that openhearted beauty is right there next to the pain.

If anyone can do this, you can.

Thinking of you.

Cindy said...

It was a great honest post with some great honest responses. I continue to wish you all the best. Hang in there...: ) fake it til you make it got me through a couple of months....

Shannon said...

Hey Ashley;
Im glad you have taken the time to write and post - it is time you need for yourself. I have not even put a picture up on my blog yet. For me the time I am able to spend reading about others' experiences has been helpful. I had another AP come over today so I could just take a shower. She was able to give me some good advice regarding siblings. I hope each day continues to be better than the day before. Hugs to you and your family!!