Monday, February 01, 2010


My eye twitch is back. It's been with me only sporadically during the adoption process and not since the summer. Heretofore reserved for the dissolution of my first marriage, finals, and newborn babies, the twitch is thankfully small and barely noticeable unless I point it out to people.

I've eaten half of the chocolate I bought to take to Ethiopia.

I went to Saver's and bought a giant used duffel bag for $3.99 to carry donations to, and souvenirs from Ethiopia

I spent $200 at Target this morning. Including, but not limited to: birthday crap I would have never bought for Ava's and Safa's birthdays had I been alone. (I have pre-emptive guilt for the birthday I will be capable of whipping up for Safa five days after we return from Ethiopia.) A helium tank. Homeopathic ear drops. A laptop case.

Safa and I have spent the day on the hard floor because the rugs and couch were steamed cleaned and everything is wet.

I've been writing this post in installments. It's 5:42. Safa threw up in the kitchen about 15 minutes ago. Ava and Eden are very hungry. In the past 5 minutes I have said,"Sweetie, I have to clean up this throw-up and then I will get your dinner." and "Baby, I have to wash my hands so I don't get vomit on your pasta!"

I'm bone tired. The dryer is buzzing. I think my legs are about to fall off. The couch and rugs are STILL wet from the steam cleaning this morning.

If I get this stomach virus, I'm going to lose my shit.


Rachel said...

I AM SOOOOO hoping we're on that trip with you! There's a CHANCE. We'll know Friday. Having the same feeling of panic that we might have to be ready on 2-5 days' notice... but then I remind myself that it'd be WONDERFUL!

rebekah said...

You and Rachel on the same trip! I know Rachel even less than I know you, but I'm still envious.

Eye twitch = change. Here's to the next big change.

Hollie said...

I'm laughing my guts out. My eye twitched too prior to Ethiopia. What is that all about? You can do this and what you don't get done before, will be waiting for you when you get back. Except, I still haven't found the time to get to those things I didn't finish 6 weeks ago, so I guess they really don't matter. I am praying you don't get the stomach flu though, that is one thing you can do without. I am so anxious for you to meet your sweet boy. Good luck the next 8 days.