Saturday, February 27, 2010


I can see it. I can see our potential as a family.
I think he has planted the tiniest seed of trust in his heart. This makes all our lives easier.
He enjoyed playing with his sisters for a while this morning.
For the first time in the two weeks we have known him, he ate a meal without it ending in a rage.
We are seeing more frequently a goofy side to this often serious boy.

I am worried about Erik returning to work.
I'm experiencing a lot of anxiety in the middle of the night that makes for broken sleep and shallow breath. I feel like my heart breaks a little around 3:00am each night. My dreams are weird and hazy and unpleasant.

He called me mama.


Cindy said...

He called you mama...:)
I am so glad the seed has been planted.

rebekah said...


Julie said...


Bryna said...

Just beautiful! All of you!

Anonymous said...

some little signs of hope - just what the doctor ordered.

and calling you mama is BIG!

Calmil2 said...

I'm so glad that you are seeing some light and hope and that he called you mama :) May you continue to take 2 steps forward even if there is 1 step back.

Bridget said...

Light is good.

ErinM said...

There is more light coming, I promise. That last sentence is just one of the first little glimmers.

Claudia said...

ahhhhhhhhh. He called you mama!

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