Saturday, February 06, 2010


I may have entered the realm of diminishing returns today. I would walk to my lists, look at them for awhile, decide I was too tired to have to think much, move on to something physical because that seemed easier somehow, decide it wasn't, go back to something that required mental effort and realize I was fooling myself.

Erik returned mid-afternoon from a guys, pre-birthday 24 hours that involved horse racing, whiskey and pecan pie. I took a nap and it was good. I should be in bed now, but need to do this first.

Being so close to meeting Yonas feels surreal right now. I look at his picture and can't fathom what strange magic is granting me the honor of being his. There's a sweetness about this boy I know. Something around the mouth that already feels familiar. I imagine the softness of his cheek. The sound of his laugh. The weight of his body on mine.



Rachel said...

I'm bummed we won't be meeting in person during our pick-up trips, but be sure to give Tsehaynesh tons of smooches from us... I'm sure she'll be in the same room as Yonas. I've got a few pictures (from our social report) where she's sitting on the floor with a couple of boys... I wonder if any of them are him! Enjoy your trip!

Bryna said...

Thank you for what you put out to the world here.

Sarah and Jeremy said...


I'm thinking about you everyday. I told our kids yesterday that Yonas' family will meet him on Friday. I showed them your blog and they were sooo excited to see (old) pics of Yonas! Best wishes as you pull everything together. I can't wait to see a pic with your entire family in ONE photo!

I think you are traveling with another Nazret family who is adopting three as well... Say hi to a boy named Tesfahun and his sisters from our family, please!

Wishing you all the best!

Bridget said...