Friday, January 01, 2010


In 2010, I will celebrate 11 years of marriage to Erik.

I will travel to Ethiopia with him and bring home our son.

In 2010, my grandmother will not only fight the aggressive lobular breast cancer she was diagnosed with just two weeks ago, she will kick its ass, because if anyone can, it's her.

In 2010, my grandfather will either come out of the hospital to continue a life built on hard work, generosity, and making people laugh. Or he won't.

In 2010 I will write more, or be restless and unhappy and a pain to live with.

I will be a better neighbor to Mrs. Cobb.

In 2010 we will leap and hope the net appears as we once again begin the roller coaster of international adoption to bring home number 5.

In 2010 I will help a toddler heal from a loss that will never leave him.

I will help three sisters weather changing family dynamics and welcome a brother.

In 2010 I will live a big life, because the years pass quickly and I'm wasting time.

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rebekah said...

#5? :)

Here's to a bang up 2010 for you and those you love.