Saturday, December 19, 2009


On Friday we were given a tentative travel date of February 11th. At the earliest.

After Erik and I picked our hearts up off the dirty ground, dusted them off, and put them back inside, we realized this is 7 weeks before the year anniversary of when we were matched with Yonas. A year.

The holidays both here in the States and in Ethiopia are causing added delay. January 7th is Genna, Ethiopian Christmas. People like to celebrate this time of year. They like to take breaks from work. They like to be with friends and family.

This time of year people stop to remember a birth and re-birth. That life on earth will begin to return because soon there will be more light in our days. And hope for better things to come.


Julie said...

Sigh. My heart really goes out to you guys. You are showing great strength and grace. Your son will know how long, and how beautifully, you waited for him.

Bridget said...

I can't even imagine. It's exhausting simply thinking about it. I'm so so sorry. I wish you peace today. And extended Peace until the day you hold him in your arms.