Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I have been wearing this necklace since shortly after we were matched with Yonas. That was seven months ago. I've taken it off once. I decided I would wear it until we brought him home. That I would wear it while I missed him, while I worried, while I prepared for him. That I would wear it in on the plane to Ethiopia and when we met him for the first time. I had no idea I was committing to wearing it for 9 or 10 months.

The flag is fading.

The truth is I'm tired of wearing it. When I change positions in the night, it moves against the chain and wakes me up. I like necklaces. I have many others I'd rather be pulling from my toddler son's chubby hand while carrying him on my hip.

Someday I will give it to him, this talisman of love. Someday when he's old enough to understand what it meant to me to wear his name above my heart and wait.


Amy said...

I have a necklace that says Expecting from Africa. I have also worn it for about 10 months and will wear it about 10 more. I have taken it off twice (because I had to for surgery). I can't wait until I can replace it because I am no longer 'expecting'.

Bryna said...

stop making me cry!