Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Haven't Even Polished the Children Yet

Taking a break from the Social Worker Scramble. You know, the frenzied, half-crazed push to make your house presentable for the person that helps decide if you are clean enough, sane enough, smart enough, to adopt a child. Nothing like a visit to shine a light on the dirtiest, ugliest, and most dangerous spots in my house...

Have my carpets always been THIS dirty?

Do we really keep THAT much booze on the counter?

Where are all the outlet covers?

Since when is there a STAPLER in Safa's room?

What the hell IS that under Ava's and Eden's bunk bed???

She will be here in 15 minutes. I'm sure there's a spot somewhere I should be scrubbing, a dog hair I missed. Maybe I should brush my teeth.

Tomorrow I will tell you why we have to do this today. I will tell you now it sucks and means we will not be traveling before Christmas.

Until then, here's my blog post about our first ever home study visit.

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abaco said...

So sorry about the travel delay. Very sorry.