Friday, November 20, 2009

Bump Number 127, But Who's Counting?

This is going to be a boring explanation-type post with no creativity whatsoever. Excited?

Because our process has taken so long, our federal fingerprints expired, and we were re-fingerprinted back in June. For some reason that is beyond me, the other part, the part that involves things like the Department of Homeland Security, United States Citizens and Immigration Services, and forms called, I-600, I-600A, I-171H expires not in 15 months like our fingerprints, but in 18 months. Which turns out to be December 4th for us. So we sent a renewal letter. Did what the USCIS page told us to. Twenty-one days later we receive a letter stating that we needed to provide an updated homestudy by December 14th or our application would be denied.


So we scrambled. Called our lovely (local) social worker and left a panicky message. In some evil twist, our specialist (our agency social worker) called to see what are new expiration date was. She was calling to tell us we were going to travel on December 16th. Our lovely social worker moved lightening fast.

They will not put us in a travel group until our processing is complete. So December 16th travel is off the table for us. I will not get to meet Briana. But she has told me she will give Yonas a squeeze before we get there. That helps. So did the other acronyms she and her husband have developed for USCIS.

And we wait.


Amy said...

We are applying for our extension now. I find the whole thing confusing and stressful. I'm sorry.

Sarah and Jeremy said...

USCIS drives me crazy too! We're waiting for paperwork from them that's possibly going to delay us to mid-January now. I'm glad your social worker was so quick to respond. Hoping everything gets resolved soon!