Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fingerprints Friday

I read a few previous posts and realized I seem to post here most often when I'm feeling particularly melancholy. Sorry. Now for a change, a bit of diary...

The CIS situation finally got sorted out, and Erik and I received our appointment notice. We never received our original appointment notice which was originally in January. So they dropped our application because we never showed. On Friday, April 25th we left bright and early for San Antonio to get our fingerprints taken. Meghan stayed with the girls. Our appointment was for 9:00 AM. We arrived early at an rundown strip mall next to a Tuesday Morning store. Seriously.

We took a number (that was the answer to every question--"take a number and get in line please". We must have been told that 4 times.) We waited, read our books, and finally my number was called. Erik was a few minutes behind me. We were back in car by 9:15.

We had a lot of time to kill so headed downtown to the riverwalk. We found ourselves in the middle of Fiesta! A giant weekend long party in San Antonio. All for us. Ok, so it just felt that way. We rode the river boat and had lunch on the riverwalk. And we celebrated one more step in the journey to get our children home.

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