Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's All in the Details

I think I have told this story to almost everyone, but I'm going to write here so I don't forget someday. A while back, on a Friday during dinner, Ava was asking me questions about babies. How they get inside the mama, etc. We've covered this stuff multiple times before, but this time her questioning was begininng to push the limits of my preparedness. (or lack thereof). So thankfully after I'd already given my, "Well, you need a mama and a papa to make a baby, then it grows inside the mama...blah, blah, blah", Mima calls and I have to get the phone. Because let me tell you, my answers were not satisfying her and I could tell. So she got busy playing something else and I was off the hook.

The next Monday, we are five minutes from school and she says, "Mama? On Friday you were telling me about how babies get inside the mama and we were interrupted." So I try to gather my thoughts, recognizing that although everything would be over Safa's head and Eden probably isn't paying attention (God love her. She's just usually daydreaming), there are two younger siblings in the car. So I take a deep breath and say something like, "Well, mamas have tiny, tiny eggs that we can't even see. And papa's have something very tiny that we can't see either. And when you put those two parts together, a baby gets made. And it starts off so small that we can't see it, and it grows and grows inside the mama until it is ready to be born."

Not good enough---"But HOW?"

Another deep breath, "Well, a mama and papa decide they want to have a baby, and then they lie very close to each other to make the baby."

And she says, in a very matter-of-fact tone, "Like on the floor, or at night, or what?"

So I say, "Well, that's up to the mama and papa to decide."

She was satisfied. At least for awhile.

Monya and Grandpapa Visit

Dinner storytime with Grandpapa


After the morning Easter festivities, we went to Alice's house. It was a long day. Here are the pictures I took of the girls in the car on the way home. Hilarious. Safa has my scarf wrapped around her neck and is "reading" a book about the first day
of kindergarten.



I love her body language here. It says, "SCORE!"