Sunday, March 30, 2008


The quality of these pictures is not very good.
On their second birthdays they are inevitably very two. So getting them to sit still for their picture in a giant birthday dress usually doesn't go down so well. I have two pictures of Ava in hers at two. And about three of the side of Eden's head. Safa's surprisingly went the best so far. It was still over in about 6 minutes, but she was sweet for a bit then very ready to move to the next thing.

Sometimes I try to think of who she would be if she were a first or second born. Her sisters are so much a part of what makes her her. They have shaped her in countless ways---she is potty-training much to my chagrin. She has been peeing on the potty since she was 16 months old off and on. This is a direct result of having two sisters. It's just what you do, right? She knows how to run to her room, slam the door, and yell, "No! That's not fair!!". Sometimes, most times, she does it for no reason. She plays in very different ways than most kids her age because of them. She knows pretend play. She knows how to grab a toy dino, and make it say, "Hi. What's your name? Where's my sisters go?" The idea of "sisters"
is so internalized for her. It means someone to laugh with, someone to get mad at, someone who will pick her up when I can't. Someone to watch, follow, emulate. Someone who she can get laughs out of. Earlier today she told me Erik was her sister. I think she just meant she loved him.

Mostly she is funny and very sweet. She has a temper, but usually gets over things pretty quickly. Her tantrums are unpredictable, but short.

Here's one of my favorites:
She toots. Smiling says, "Mama, what's Safa booty say?"
"What does your booty say?
"Booty say, ppppppffffftttt"
Every time.

I just asked Ava what her favorite thing
about Safa is and she said,"She's sweet and funny." Then Ava went to Safa and said,"Safa, what's your favorite thing about Safa?" And Safa replied, "Uummmmmm, yellow"

I cannot imagine life without her.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Longest Wait

I feel like my head is about to explode. There are signs that something has gone wrong with our I-600A form, which is the USCIS form for adopting an orphan. I sent an email to the San Antonio office after trying unsuccessfully to call them. I'm hoping to hear something by Monday. This wait is impossible. I can't even think straight enough to type anything else...