Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ava is Six

Six. I can't believe it. Ava's intensity is hard to channel sometimes. She is also such an interesting, thinking, curious child and I love seeing who she is becoming. Ava's soul is very visible to me in these pictures. Her intensity, her sweetness, and her sensitivity. All her best parts.

These were taken after Ava's solos. It was Ava's idea. They were so silly...

Ava Lost A Tooth!!!!

She didn't like how it felt but was pretty excited about the tooth fairy prospect. Even though she said, "The tooth fairy insn't real. If it was real, it would be magic and there's no such thing as magic."

Erik's Robot Birthday Cake

Eden and Safa Ride the Plane

I was so certain she was too small to ride, she was quite confident she would be fine. So was the attendant. So I let her get on fully expected her to start to scream and need to get off, or try to stand up and promptly be struck in the head by an oncoming plane. This is what happened instead.

She looks like a baby here to me. I like it.

Elton Gets New Glasses

She got these from Taryn for her birthday

Ava, Her Friends and an Ocean Cake

The big blonde blob is hair from a doll
that was stuck into the cake to be a