Thursday, April 26, 2007

April 25 2007

Today we sent the application to Children's Home and Family Services (CHSFS) along with proof of medical insurance and two pictures--one of our house and one of the five of us. Meghan took about ten pictures of us right before Ava and Eden were about to go to school. We found one that worked. One that we hoped said "We can do this. We are ready."

I think of you a lot. I've been thinking of you for years. But who is this "you"? Maybe it's not even "you", but "both of you". Are you a resilient four-year-old? A tiny infant? Perhaps you've not even been born yet. Boy or girl? It's an interesting thing to love someone you don't know. Someone you've never met. But this is what we humans do isn't it? We fall in love with the baby long before we hold them in our arms. We daydream about what they will look like and how their skin will feel touching ours. Adoption is just a gestation of another kind. Today wasn't a very big step in the overall process of adopting internationally. But it feels big to us. Because with it we are saying, "We are coming for you."


Anonymous said...

i had an instant flood of tears when i got to the end of your post ashley. what a beautiful thing you are doing. i feel honored to know you. you too erik!

much love


Anonymous said...

What a joy to get to go along on this ride with you guys.
Hey - I wanna see the pic of your family! LOL

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to see what's in store for your wonderful family!