Thursday, March 01, 2007

Eden at the Party

Almost all the pictures of Eden from Ava's birthday party are of Eden on some ride by herself. Amy said the ride attendants just let her on without any tickets...

Safa is 1

Every year on their birthdays, I take a picture of each girl in a dress that used to be mine. Ava's is a dress I turned into a skirt and wore often while I was falling in love with Erik. Eden's is a black camisole that my mom and I both used to wear, and a long purple-blue tafetta skirt that I never wore but always wanted to. For Safa, I chose this red, strapless that I wore this Christmas.

What Five Looks Like on Ava

We ended up taking Ava's birthday dress pictures on Safa's birthday since we didn't get to do it on her birthday. What kept striking me was what a dreamer she is. She has this face in almost all the pictures. She's so far away. She just enjoyed the wind and the birds. Here are some things she has said to me lately...
"You're mine." and gave me a big hug.
"I like to see the world." She's been saying this for a long time.
While looking at the moon, "The moon is golden in my heart."