Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hence the Fantasy

My children are sick. Again. Hacking, coughing, snotting, (yes, that can be a verb) all over everything. As I told a friend the other day, I'm two wet coughs and one sneeze in my face away from giving Erik two-weeks notice. Just kidding. Kind of. The illness coupled with the ice means the girls have not been to school, nor has Alice come in a long while. And let me just be completely honest here, coughing is a pet peeve of mine. it's more like I have to clench my teeth really hard and take a deep breath for my head not to explode when a person is coughing a lot--- including myself. And when three persons are coughing a lot (in my face), and I've had no sleep (because of all the coughing don't you know), well then, my friend you've got a situation on your hands. But then Safa will look so pitiful, and Ava will be shockingly sweet despite feeling like crap and then I remember a quote Erik told me about having children: "The days are long and the years short." Indeed.


Kelsey said...

The days ARE so long, right? I swear yesterday was really a week.

Sally H. said...


Erik is a wise man. The years fly by. It can be very hectic, and before you know it the years have gone to quickly. I so enjoy hearing the things that are going on with the girls. You are a great Momma !!

Sally Harvey