Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Port Aransas

Perhaps you've heard the word "vacation". Perhaps you've even taken one. When you here the word vacation you might think of 7 to 10 days spent frolicking in Hawaii or Aspen. Relaxing. Unwinding. Sleeping in. Returning home refreshed, renewed. If this is the meaning of vacation, then we definitely did not just take one. If you will, dear reader, shift your thinking to allow the word "vacation" to include three children under the age of four, with bouts of very loud crying in the car, sleeping on a bed that was somehow harder than concrete and choosing to sleep with your 7 month old on her crib mattress because it was MORE COMFORTABLE, a return trip home wherein the air conditioner in the car broke and a two-year old somehow ended up with a poop diaper that exploded out the front to cover her entire body (arms, hands, legs) and car seat, then yes, we did indeed just take a vacation.

It was somehow, despite all that, really fun. There were moments in the car when I thought, "How cool to be on a road trip with my four best friends." (At other times I thought other things...) There were also times at the beach when I was overwhelmed by the idea that I was witnessing three people see the ocean for the first time....


Kelsey said...

Congratulations on taking your first family "vacation". I love these pictures. Your girls are just so precious. I think I could have handled all of the challenges (even the pootastrophe), EXCEPT the ac going out. That would have made me say a bad word or two.

Way to vacate, Rombergs!


Your mother is a dear friend of mine. We use to work together at Putnam Career and Technical Center here in WV. She told me about your blog and I have so enjoyed seeing how quickly your girls are growing up. Your stories about the things they are doing take me back to those times when my daughter was that age. Enjoy them and EVERYTHING they are doing because they grow sooooooo quickly. As they get older you will laugh about all of what you may now not think is funny now. Thank you for allowing me to share in watching them grow.

Sally Harvey

Shannon said...

Oh, Ash...
I so enjoyed this blog chapter, and can most certainly empathize! Our trip to Disney included much fit throwing, vomiting, fever and an alligator trying to get in the back door.
Despite all the hardships, I know you gave your girls wonderful memories!
You are a fab mom and your girls are so beautiful.
Love ya,