Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Have We COMPLETELY Lost Our Minds?

Well, Safa is no longer the newest member of the Romberg clan. That position has been filled by the addition of Miles, a two year old Catahoula/Harrier hound mix. He has one brown eye and one blue or "glass" eye, lest you think we just welcomed a devil dog into our family. That eye doesn't photograph well. He is hands down one of the sweetest and most gentle dogs I've known.

The Perils of Having Three Daughters

So we were eating dinner and Erik said, "Look what I had in my hair when I picked up the food and went to the store." Someone had placed a lovely purple hair clip in his hair. And he forgot...That look you see on his face is tired annoyance (I had to take the picture) combined with a modicum of embarassment with a little resigned what-are-you-gonna-do? thrown in for good measure.

First Time in a Park Swing

She was very proud...

The Dancin' King

This beat mine and Safa's routine hands down.

Look at how full of mischief the big one is...

What Took You People So Long?

This is Safa's face upon eating solid food, avocado, for the first time.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Life With Three

I'm starting to think I can
actually do this. I'm tired, and there is always someone who needs something. We call it the "black hole of need", and my house is in a constant state of funk and clutter and it stinks. And every surface is sticky. I mean EVERY surface...But amid
all of that there are moments when I think I must be
the absolute luckiest person on the planet to watch these lives unfold. And to get to do it with Erik, well, what more could a girl
ask for.

Aunt Meghan

We all love her this much, we just choose to show it in more socially acceptable ways. Although if she gave Eden a chance...

Fourth of July

Nothin' says independence like sparklers and chocolate ice cream...(that's what is running down the entire front of her body)

Friday, August 11, 2006

Father of the Year

Erik practices his acceptance speech...

Crib Invasion

Oh, the love! Nothing brings me more joy than watching my girls enjoy one another. Ava likes to talk about how they will live together when they all grow up...she also told me if Eden didn't want to, it would still work out for her and Safa.